Serviced Sectors

Kart Sistem reflects the successes at retails industries to its customers and has always been a solution partner for leading companies at loyalty and smart card services for primarily retail, food and electrical markets and then tourism and health sectors.

Retail Industry

Kart Sistem can meet the all card needs of the SME and corporate customers which carry out or want to start a special offer program for their customers in retail industry. And also present loyalty cards, scorecards, discount cards, gift cards and other types to the cusomers in the retail industry. A lot of leader companies in the retail industry from food to cosmetics, supermarket chains to textile, chosse the products presented by Kart Sistem.

Tourism Sector

Kart Sistem provides not only door cards for many hotels and holiday villages but also smart cards, card printers, lanyards, contact and contactless door cards, magnetic strip cards and other card accessories. Plastic card demands of the leader corporations having a big part in tourism sector are satisfied by Kart Sistem.

Educational Institutions

As one of the leader card suppliers in the sector Kart Sistem, provides service to the educational instutions in which plastic cards are used intensely, for all usage area from student ID cards to car park cards, from canteen cards to club membership cards

Public Instutions

Kart Sistem provides a flawless service for the plastic card demands and related services of the public instutions like municipality, hospital, university, organization and foundations in which the plastic cards are used intensely.

Health Sector

Kart Sistem meets the plastic card needs of many medical instutions in which barcode, magnetic strip or chip cards are intensely used.

Finance Sector

Kart Sistem offers solutions at card production and supportive equipments in order to meet the demands of the corporations which are active at finance sector.

Amusement Sector

Plastic Cards are one of the instruments of payment and control being used in amusement parks and playgrounds. Thanks to the smart cards, the playing machines could be delimitated, you can ensure that the consumers use the credits in the cards. And smart cards help you to success your marketing targets by making different promotions and loyalty programs


By casino cards, the games of the consumers could be followed, the gambling machines could be identified for gamblers’ use. Besides, thanks to casino cards, the consumers could take advantages of personal discount and promotions and marketing exercises become more efficient.

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